Latin Abbreviations

aff. - affinis -- having affinity with but not identical to

auct. - auctorum -- of authors [written like that by various authors]

aust. - australis -- southern, from the south [sometimes related to 'from Australia'] 

bor. - borealis -- northern, from the North 

ca. - circa -- about [refers to dates]

cf. - confer -- compare with

c.v. - curriculum vitae -- curriculum of life

e.g. - exempli gratia -- for example

et al. - et alii -- and others

etc. - et cetera -- (and the rest), and so on

ex. - exemplar -- example or specimen [the plural is written exx.]

ex. er. - ex errore -- made in error

f. - forma -- form

ibid. -  ibidem -- from the same place

id. - idem - the same

i.e. - id est -- that is (to say), or in other words

in coll. - in collectionem -- in the collection [usually followed by the name of a collection or museum]

inc. s. - incertae sedis -- of uncertain placement

indet. - indeterminans -- unidentified

in litt. - in litteris -- in correspondence

leg. - legit --  he, she, or it collected

loc. cit. - loco citato -- in the place [work, paper, etc.] cited

mer. - meridionalis -- southern, from the South

n.b. - nota bene -- take good note

nom. nud. - nomen nudum (plural: nomina nuda) -- a name published without an accompanying description

nom. dub. - nomen dubium (plural: nomina dubia) -- a name of questionable application

nom. illeg. - nomen illegitimum (plural: nomina illegitima) -- an illegitimate name

nom. cons. - nomen conservandum (plural: nomina conservanda) -- a conserved name

nom. prot. - nomen protectum (plural: nomina protecta) -- a name granted protection

nom. supp. - nomen suppressum (plural: nomina suppressa) -- a name that has been suppressed and cannot be used

nom. rej. - nomen rejiciendum (plural: nomina rejicienda) -- a name that has been rejected and cannot be used

nom. obl. - nomen oblitum (plural: nomina oblita) -- a name which has been overlooked and is no longer valid

nom. nov. - nomen novum (plural: nomina nova) -- a replacement name

nom. van. - nomen vanum (plural: nomina vana) -- a failed emendation

occ. - occidentalis -- western. from the West

op. cit. - opere citato -- in the work cited

or. - orientalis -- eastern, from the East

p. - pagina -- page [singular; plural is paginae, abbreviated pp.]

s.l. - sensu lato -- in the broad sense

sept. - septentrionalis -- northern, from the North

sp. - species -- species [singular; plural is species, abbreviated as spp.]

sp. nov. - species nova -- new species [singular; plural is species novae, abbreviated as spp. nov.]

ssp. - subspecies -- subspecies [singular; plural is subspecies, abbreviated sspp.]

s. str. - sensu stricto -- in the strict sense

q.v. - quod vide -- see (for which, see)

var. - varietas -- variety (used for Plants)

viz. - videlicet -- namely

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