A review of the Temnothorax anodontoides species-group (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) from Greece.

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2022
Authors:S. Salata, Borowiec L.
Start Page:139
Date Published:2022-04-01
Keywords:Myrmicinae, new species, taxonomy, Temnothorax anodontoides group

A review of the Greek members of the Temnothorax anodontoides species-group revealed three species new to science: Temnothorax euboeae sp. nov. (Sterea Ellas, Euboea Island), Temnothorax arkasi sp. nov. (Peloponnese, Arcadia) and Temnothorax parnonensis sp. nov. (Peloponnese, Arcadia and Lakonia). The diagnoses of Temnothorax ikarosi Salata, Borowiec & Trichas, 2018 and T. anodontoides (Dlussky & Zabelin, 1985) are updated based of the new discoveries. Additionally, presence of the latter species in Greece is discussed and its distribution range revised. All members of the anodontoides species-group are associated with alpine and rocky habitats such as pastures and thermophilous forests. A dichotomous key to the anodontoides species-group from Greece is given.

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