Ants of Greece – checklist, comments and new faunistic data (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2012
Authors:L. Borowiec, Salata S.
Start Page:461
Date Published:12/2012
Keywords:Ants, catalogue, entomology, Greece, zoogeography

A list of 291 ant species recorded from Greece are given but approximately 15% of taxa need confirmation due to recent studies on European ants and reinterpretation of several taxa. The following 17 species are recorded from Greece for the first time: Camponotus sannini tohmé & tohmé, Crematogaster jehovae ForeL, Formica bruni Kutter, Lasius jensi SeiFert, Lasius nitidigaster SeiFert, Lepisiota dolabellae (ForeL), Myrmica lonae Finzi, Myrmica tulinae eLmeS, radchenKo & aKtaç, Temnothorax flavicornis (emery), Temnothorax sordidulus (müLLer), Temnothorax turcicus (SantSchi), Tetramorium hungaricum röSzLer, and five species not attributed to a named species: Camponotus cf. lateralis sp. 1, Camponotus cf. lateralis sp. 2, Lepisiota cf. melas sp. 1, Lepisiota cf. syriaca sp. 1, and Tetramorium cf. caespitum sp. 1. Camponotus candiotes is recorded as new species to Croatia. New faunistic data for 132 other species are given.

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